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HTML5 Version Coming Soon

2015-05-21 19:11:14 by CleverCrowGames

We are aware of Chrome no longer supporting the current version of our demo. Good news is we are working on a revised HTML5 build based on feedback. Since this is a significant revision it will be a few months before it's available. As we're polishing / adding a lot of mechanics and extending the demo's content.


EDIT: So we're sad to say that a WebGL export isn't possible. Currently the game exports multiple 200mb files. Which are so large they crash the browser. On the other hand we will be uploading native Windows, Mac, and Linux files that run much better at The current web build has a lot of bugs exclusive to it. So I'm sure everyone won't be sad to see those go.


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2015-05-22 20:08:20

Google Chrome sucks, as does Firefox now. Honestly I am debating going back to Opera.

CleverCrowGames responds:

Firefox has made a lot of changes. It actually runs HTML5 games exported by Unity the fastest.


2015-05-29 03:18:39

I'm still using Firefox and loving it, though you really have to mod it a lot to get it to what it should be by default.

Anyway, on topic, this is an amazing game and I look forward to it!

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thanks :D We really appreciate it.


2015-11-11 20:09:46

You know, everytime I want to play a game, I think "I wonder if A Dagon Named Coal was completed yet" and everytime, I find out that it's still in demo.

When is it coming out?